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Helpful Links

On this page you will find a few links to help you learn more. There are many more excellent resources to be found that are not listed below. What is shown below are just a few of our favorites. Links are organized by topic.

Suttlers Websites:

There are many things a reenactor will need in pursuit of their hobby. Following are a selection of suttlers that can provide you with clothing, accoutrements, and supplies. Also available are the materials to make your own equipment if your interested. Those listed below are just a few of the great vendors out there. The wide array and choice of items available is vast and can be bewildering. Before making any purchasing decisions be sure to consult with knowledgeable members of the unit. Authenticity and appropriateness are of paramount importance to our accurate portrayal of the unit.


Parent Organizations

The 3rd NY Long Island Companies are members in good standing with both the Brigade of the American Revolution. It is through membership in this organization that we are fortunate to participate in many excellent events throughout the year. Included is a link to The British Brigade for reference. Someone has to be the enemy, they are it.

The Brigade of the American Revolution

The British Brigade


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