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Some Frequently Asked Questions


What is reenacting?

Reenactors recreate history by portraying the look, actions and lives of a person from a particular time period in history. Short of actually traveling back in time, it is a great way to learn about history.

What are the minimum requirements to join the unit?

A strong interest in the American Revolutionary War is obvious. The time period we are most concerned with are the years spanning the war from 1775 through 1783. You must be an adult to take to the field with a firelock (musket). You may be 16 if your parent or guardian is also a member. As a musician, a child can take to the field at 12 years old. Be aware that reenacting is a predominantly outdoor activity so you must judge whether this hobby is a good match for your state of health or interest. Realize that, as with any hobby, there is an investment of money involved. Clothing and equipment must be appropriate and accurate to the period and our portrayal. However don't let a limited budget dissuade you. Seek the advice and counsel of the unit before deciding on any purchases. There are no minimum attendance requirements. There is always room for a helping hand in keeping the unit running smoothly. And there are always great events and fun times to be had, so don't miss out. There is no requirement that an ancestor had to have fought in the war. Though we have a few members who's ancestors were in the Regiment in 1775!

What organizations does the unit belong to?

The 3rd NY belongs to the Brigade of the American Revolution and the Continental Line. Both are non-profit educational organizations that study and recreate the times of the American Revolutionary War and host Revolutionary War events across the mid-atlantic states. Check out our links page for more.

How many events does the unit participate in each year?

The 3rd NY participates in about 15 events as a group each season. These events are seldom more than a four-hour drive from Long Island. A number of events take place on the Island as well. Members are also free to attend additional events that may occur even when the rest of the membership stays at home.

How long has your current group been organized?

Our unit was formed in 1974, in time for the big Bicentennial celebrations. 

How many soldiers does your unit field?

The number of men at arms the Third can field depends upon many factors: required travel times, how unique the event, level of interest and weather conditions. We have about 50 paid members. We always have room and food enough for another man at arms or camp follower. Come on down and we'll have one more!

Why reenact the 3rd NY Long Island Companies?

The Third NY Regiment Long Island Companies of 1775 are of historical importance to the history of Long Island and the nation. We may not be relations to those patriots of the past, though a few of our members are. However, the world in which they lived and the events they took part in are responsible for the world and events we live today. That's worth learning about and sharing with others.


Who can join the 3rd NY?

There are no requirements that exclude anyone.

What type of people join your group?

The 3rd NY members are people just like you and your friends.

What do we look for in a candidate?

The ideal candidate loves history as much as us and wants to share that experience with like minded people and educate others.

What is the cost to join?

Dues for the 3rd and the BAR combined are less than $50. For the powder you will burn and the amount of good food you will eat the cost is a bargain.

What are the dues used to pay for?

Dues help defray the cost of events and maintaining equipment.

Why join the 3rd NY LI Companies?

You would be hard pressed to find a better group of friendly, knowledgeable and generous friends with whom to spend a hot day in the sun drilling, or a cool evening talking around the campfire.

Where will you find the equipment you'll need?

There are many sources and lots to choose from. However its best to discuss your needs with other knowledgeable members first.

Do you need to decide on an impression or a persona, or can you just be yourself?

It's your choice, decide on whichever you feel comfortable doing.

Are there meetings? When and how often do we meet?

The unit has two meetings a year where officers are chosen and unit business is discussed.

Is there a minimum number of events a member must attend?

There is no minimum attendance required. But its more fun with you than without.

Can my family join?

Absolutely. This is a hobby and experience that everyone can enjoy.

How many members do you have?

We have about 50 paid members.

Where are members located?

Most are residents of Long Island but we have friends from farther afield as well.

Do members only portray soldiers?

Not at all. We have men at arms, artillery men, cooks, physicians, artisans, musicians and officers.

What do the women do?

Whatever they want to. Modern ideas of liberty have advanced from those of 1775.

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